Rapper T.I. Says He Takes His 18-Year-Old Daughter for Virginity Test Every Year

T.I. has revealed that he takes the 18-year-old to the gynecologist yearly to check if her hymen is still intact.

In an interview with Nadia Moham and Nazanin Mandi on the podcast “Ladies Like Us,” T.I. whose real name is Clifford Harris said that he takes his daughter, Deyjah Harris for virginity test yearly. When the rapper was asked by the hosts if he has had sex talks with his daughters, the rapper said Yes. Referring to first daughter, T.I. continued: “Not only have we had the talk, but we also go to the gynecologist every year to check her hymen.”

After Deyjah Harris celebrated her 16th birthday, T.I. said he put a sticky note on her door which read: “Gyno. Tomorrow. 9:30.” The rapper added that whenever they go to the gynecologist for the test, his daughter is asked to sign a release. At this point, he would ask her if there’s anything she would like him to know before the doctor proceeds with the test.

T.I. said that the doctor told him that the hymen can be broken through other ways apart from sexual intercourse. When the doctor informed him that horseback riding, bike riding and other forms of physical activity can break the hymen, T.I. responded by telling the doctor that his daughter does not engage in any of those activities.

On Deyjah’s 18th birthday T. I. wrote her a heartwarming note. “You have stayed strong and grown into this amazing young woman of substance and principle and I am very proud of you. Your future, though uncertain is very bright and I’m honored to see how much you have evolved. I love you to no end and I will keep loving you for the rest of my life.”

T.I. has six children. Deyjah Harris, whose mother is singer Ms. Niko is his eldest daughter and she recently began her first year of college.

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