Elon Musk Pitches Armored Carrier to The U.S. Military

Tesla founder attended Airforce Space Pitch Day with some unique ideas

Elon Musk pitched the Tesla pickup truck to the military. He styled it ‘Tesla Cybertruck. The CEO of Tesla spoke about his pitch during the san Francisco held Air Force Space Pitch Day.

Musk talked about the progress of SpaceX

The CEO was talking about how SpaceX has grown over the years. He also mentioned the collaboration between the U.S. Airforce and the company. At that moment, he saw an opportunity to pitch an idea for a Tesla pickup truck. He dubbed the pickup truck ‘Cybertruck’ because it is to look like a carrier from the future. This is not the first time Musk is referring to the pickup’s design as an armored carrier from the future.

In his speech, he added that the military personnel may want to try it and some may like it. he promised that it would look like a prop from a movie set. Musk says the truck will have a futuristic cyberpunk blade runner design. He didn’t shed more light on what it means. He also didn’t help matters by releasing a cryptic teaser image to depict the pickup design earlier in the year. Some amateur designers have tried to replicate what the company is working on, but have been unable to come close. Musk says none has depicted the design.

The specs are quite impressive according to Musk. He had previously sought different suggestions from professionals for features to include in the truck. However, he revealed a couple of planned features such as an option for a range of 400 -500 miles, dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain among others. Musk set the price for the pickup truck at less than $50,000. He also bragged that it would be better than the Ford F150. It should be an interesting change for the company.

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