Largest U.S. Cable TV Provider, Comcast Unveils New Tool To Enhance Ad Targeting On TV

Comcast has launched a new tool to help advertisers target their ads to television viewers.

The cable TV provider on Monday said that the new tool is designed to enhance an advertiser’s ability to find and target certain viewers- those who may be interested in their product. With the growing popularity of digital and internet advertising, the TV industry is making innovations in order to keep up with competition from digital rivals. Comcast, however, seems to have taken the lead to draw the advertiser’s attention back to TV advertising.

It has been observed that a lot of advertisers are turning to technology to advertise products and services. The reason being that digital advertising allows brands to target their ads and measure how effective it is in convincing people to make purchases or visit their store. In light of this, Comcast says it will use data available to it to help advertisers know what their target audience is watching on TV. This will help advertisers make better decisions like where to purchase commercials to reach those that will want to buy from them.

Marcien Jenckes the president of Comcast Advertising acknowledged in an interview that before now, advertisers had to guess what audiences were watching and many times, their guess was wrong. With the new tool, advertisers will be allowed to make up to five versions of their ads and show the different versions to the most suitable audience.

Comcast also announced that its cable ad sales division will now be known as Effectv. Speaking on the reason for the change, Maria Weaver, chief marketing officer at Comcast Advertising said: We’re reinforcing that TV is effective.”

Comcast and other cable and satellite TV providers are losing subscribers as more viewers prefer to stream videos on the internet. In its third quarter, the Cable TV provider lost 238,000 video customers. Comcast’s new tool is expected to convince advertisers that TV can be as powerful as digital advertising platforms.

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