Demi Moore’s Daughters Open Up About Their Mother’s Relationship With Ashton Kutcher

Moore’s autobiography “Inside Out” lays her life bare

Rumer and Tallulah Willis, daughters of actress Demi Moore spoke about their mother’s relationship with ex Ashton Kutcher. The interview included Moore, Adrienne Banfield Norris, Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith on the Red Table Talk. It was a real eye-opener with Rumer talking about how she felt forgotten during the relationship between Ashton and Moore. Her sisters shared the same sentiment. She said it felt worse when the couple tried to have a baby that was later miscarried.

“We’re not enough”

Rumer says during the time with Kutcher, she was so angry because she felt something was taken away from her. This thought came from the fact that her mother wanted another baby and it wasn’t happening. She felt that she and her sisters were not enough. Her sister Tallulah also spoke about her similar experience saying she felt forgotten and had developed the thought that her mother didn’t love her. She clarified that she knows her mother’s love is unbridled, but because of the hurt she felt, she didn’t see it.

Her sister, Rumer was in an awkward position when the other children decided to stop talking to their mom. She ended up as the ambassador to Demi. Tallulah and Scott had different experiences when they shut their mother out for three years. Rumer was shunned for acting as an ambassador to their mother. So she had no one to lean on since her mother was not available in the ways she would want and her siblings had shunned her.

Thankfully, the actress was able to repair the relationship with her daughters. she says they are closer than ever. She released her autobiography to show others that anyone can have difficult times and still survive if they take accountability for their actions.

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