President Trump Threatens to Stop Giving Federal Funds to California to Fight Wildfires

Donald Trump has said that he wants to stop giving federal funds to California to fight the raging fire, says the governor should “get his act together.”

President Trump in a series of tweets on Sunday commended the efforts of firefighters who were working hard to manage California’s wildfire. The president, however, called out Gov. Gavin Newsom for not focusing on ways to prevent the fire but instead giving most of his attention to environmentalists. Mr. Trump said that he had warned Newsom before this time of the need to have the forest floors of the state free of debris that could worsen the fire.

In his tweet, the President said: “As the fire rages every year and California burns, things remain the same and then he turns to the Federal Government for $$$ assistance……….but no more. Get your act together Governor. You don’t experience as much burn as other states do.” The state owns only about 3% of California’s forest land. The majority of the remaining portion is owned by the federal government and the rest are privately owned.

Responding to Trump’s post, Newsom said that President Trump is “excused from this conversation” since he does not believe in Climate change. In a statement issued by the Governor, he said the United States Forest Service has on two occasions cut down its forest management targets on its land. He added that Trump’s 2020 budget demands for more cut in the hazardous fuels reduction account. “We are successfully fighting thousands of fires started across California in the last few weeks and these fires are a result of extreme weather created by climate change. Trump, however, is carrying out a full-on assault against the antidotes,” the Governor said.

Last month, Gov. Newsom signed several bills aimed at boosting the state’s wildfire prevention, mitigation and response efforts. This is not the first time that President Trump is threatening to cut off firefighting funds. In January, he said that he had ordered FEMA not to send any more money to the state of California for forest fires. The Governor at the time said that he was working on modernizing forest management and that disasters and recovery were not a time for politics.

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