Evan Holyfield, Son of Evander Holyfield Makes Boxing Debut

Holyfield won first career match in 16 seconds

Evan Holyfield started his boxing career off to a strong and slightly controversial start. He won his first professional boxing match in 16 seconds with TKO of opponent Nick Winstead, 21. Holyfield, 22, is the son of the boxing legend Evander Holyfield and his win may be as a result of a premature ref stoppage. The young boxer landed a couple of shots on Winstead at the start and knocked him down with a left hook. The referee quickly stepped in and ended the fight.

Holyfield looked impressive despite controversy

Winstead was not pleased with the decision of the ref to give the win to Holyfield quickly. The crowd also shared the same sentiment. However, Holyfield looked impressive despite the controversy in the junior middleweight match. As far as professional debuts are concerned, Holyfield will go down in history as the boxer who needed only 16 seconds to finish off his opponent in the first round of middleweight bout at the MGM Grand Arena.

The four-round bout was initially contracted for a junior middleweight. It was contested at catchweight since Winstead could not make the pound limit of 154 pounds. Evan Holyfield said he was just expecting to box and he had the help of God to win. His father, Evander Holyfield sat in the front row as he watched his son come out swinging and landing several quick combinations that knocked out Winstead even before he could get a significant shot.

So far, the only blemish on the performance of the budding boxer was the poor stoppage by the referee who waved off the fight while Winstead struggled to get back on his feet without a single count. The losing fighter protested and it fell on deaf ears. The crowd also booed the boxer but the win was called in his favor.

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