Steph Curry will be Out for Three Months After Hand Injury

Golden state warriors star injured in the game has undergone surgery

Steph Curry was injured in a game earlier in the week and will be out for about three months. The star broke a bone in his left hand according to his team. Initially, the Warriors weren’t sure if Curry needed surgery for his injury. A CT scan on Thursday revealed that determined that he would need surgery.

Curry suffered break of the second metacarpal

Curry’s injury was gotten from a collision with Aron Baynes of Phoenix who tried to draw a charge during the third quarter on Wednesday. The two-time NBA champion landed on his hand after the collision. The injury was diagnosed as a break of the second metacarpal. The team reports that Curry’s hand had been surgically repaired on Friday. It would be evaluated in three months before he will be cleared to play again.

The warriors champion has been NBA’s Most Valuable Player twice and has played a large role in the team reaching 5 recent NBA finals. Curry steps aside with teammate Klay Thompson who is also out because of a serious knee injury. The team clinched the title of NBA champions with Curry three times in 2015, 2017 and 2018. At the moment, they are 1-3 in the 82-game season of 2019-20. The warriors fell to the 1-3 mark and have maintained the title of the worst team in the league following the loss of Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant as Klay Thompson rehabilitates his knee.

The star already had 9 points on 3 of 11 shooting. 1 of 7 came from three and four turnovers just before leaving the game. Also, he has 8 turnovers during the game against the Clippers. The Warriors will have to turn to D’Angelo Russell, an all-star guard.

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