Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Says Health Care Plan Gives Stability And Predictability

Gov. Brian Kemp has unveiled his healthcare proposal and it is expected to improve the state’s health insurance market.

The healthcare proposal by the Republican governor was released at a news conference held on Thursday. According to the governor, the newly unveiled plan will improve the state’s health insurance market, providing more stability and predictability to families in Georgia.

With this plan, residents who buy health insurance under Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act will enjoy reduced premiums. “Georgia Access” aims to provide more health care coverage options for Georgians through a reinsurance program. According to Kemp, the proposed healthcare plan will change the status quo in Georgia’s health sector.

During Gov. Kemp’s campaign, he promised to improve the state of Georgia’s health care system. In March, Kemp signed the Patients First Act into law- an act that gives the Georgia Department of Community Health the right to propose waivers related to the Affordable Care Act to the federal government. Georgia Access is a product of the act.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in 2010 and it was designed to give more Americans access to health care coverage. The bill enabled families who exceeded the income thresholds but fell under lower income guidelines for Medicaid to receive subsidies. Eligible residents had to visit the marketplace website, to get the subsidies. If Kemp’s proposal is approved, Georgians will be able to bypass the federal marketplace and sign up for insurance directly via a broker website or an insurance provider.

Speaking on the healthcare plan, Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan said the governor’s announcement will do what they talked about on the campaign trail which is putting Georgia at the forefront of the national conversation that centers on meaningful healthcare reform. “Georgia Access will allow the state to find a solution to the top two issues that affect all Georgia residents: affordability and access to quality services,” he added.

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