Valve Announces the Completion of Steam’s Redesigned Library

Valve has completed the redesign of steam’s library and it is now available for everyone.

Last month, Valve revealed that it was making plans to update Steam’s Library. The company disclosed that it wanted to redesign the library in order to enhance the user experience. Valve announced on Wednesday that it has completed the redesigning project and that the updated steam library is available for everyone.

Features of the New Library

The visual look of the library has been upgraded, making it easy for users to find their games, follow news and updates from the numerous games in their library, see what their friends are playing as well their achievements. The library now features a “What’s New” section where developers can post updates. This feature allows you to quickly get updates about games that you already have. Using a tool called events, developers can now post updates that will be added to the game’s community hub and store page. It will also be shared with user libraries and this will eliminate the need to actively monitor your library to get updates.

There’s also a friends icon that allows you to see which of your friends are currently playing a game. The new steam library allows users to sort their games into collections which were formerly termed categories. You can choose to sort them by handpicking them or by using filters.

Valve designed the new library to allow users to see Events that display ongoing activities in games such as new add-ons and special multiplayer weekends. With this update, the American video game developer is also expanding the Remote Play Together Beta, allowing steam users to play local multiplayer games with their friends over the internet. The only person who needs to have a copy of the game when playing with friends over the internet is the host. Every other player just needs a gamepad and a mic. This way you can play a game whenever you want without everyone gathering in a single room.

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