Kim Kardashian Sues iHandy, Demands $10 Million

The reality TV star, Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit against a makeup app called iHandy and she is demanding $10 million.

On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian West filed a lawsuit against iHandy for the unauthorized use of her photo. The picture was used to promote a makeup app produced by the company. In the documents submitted at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Kim Kardashian is demanding that the brand pays $10 million in damages.

The photo is the same one that Kim Kardashian used to promote her KKW Beauty products. It was posted on Instagram on Oct. 31, 2017. According to the documents submitted to the court, iHandy “copied, cropped, manipulated and exploited” the reality star’s photo for the purpose of advertising materials for its Sweet Cam app. The court document noted that Kim Kardashian was not informed before the makeup app brand used her photo in an Instagram video where her face was altered by the Sweet Cam app.

In addition to the $10 million that the beauty mogul is demanding, she has also requested that iHandy disclose how much they have made from using her photo to promote their brand. Kim Kardashian is also asking that they stop using her photo or name to promote their product going forward.

iHandy has, however, come out to say that it had no idea that the person in the picture was Kim Kardashian. Reacting to the makeup app developer’s claim, Kardashian’s lawyer described iHandy’s defense as absurd especially since the reality star is one of the most popular and recognizable women in the world.

In the lawsuit, Kardashian’s lawyer claims that iHandy went ahead to threaten the star, telling her that they would go after her if she brings claims against them. Speaking on the reason why she is demanding $10 million in damages, the lawsuit says that the amount includes the cost of licensing Kim Kardashian West’s photo and for the emotional distress that the star has gone through.

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